Inflatable spa Indigo for 6 people

Product number №: M-IN063W

2 990.00лв

Mspa's newly developed model - the inflatable hot tub Indigo for 6 people - will impress you with the many innovative technologies it is equipped with.

 The appearance of the hot tub differs from other models with the new design of the inflatable structure, which has a relief surface.

 Another distinctive feature of the Indigo inflatable hot tub is the Mspa logo, which is placed in a limited series only on this model of hot tubs.

 To avoid the risk of overinflating and deforming the inflatable structure, the inflatable spa is equipped with a special valve that automatically releases air in case the pressure in the inflatable structure becomes higher than necessary.

 One of the main advantages of the Indigo hot tub is the hydromassage system with which it is equipped. It consists of 8 hydromassage nozzles with adjustable power and a hydromassage pump with a power of 1000 W. This is the most powerful hydromassage system ever installed on an inflatable spa.

 The water jet from the hydromassage system relieves muscle pain and tension throughout the body. In addition to the physical level, the water massage has an extremely beneficial effect on the mental level as well, reducing anxiety and stress and increasing our sense of good mood and relaxation.

 In addition to the water massage, the Indigo spa also has an air massage, which is performed by a compressor and 120 pcs. air nozzles that you can adjust to three different levels.

 The control panel of the hot tub is located on the side, and it contains all the equipment - filter pump, heater, massage pump, air compressor.

 All of the above systems are controlled via the latest generation OLED display.

 For your convenience, the Indigo hot tub can also be controlled remotely via smartphone. So you have full control over the hot tub, wherever you are.

 The filter system of the Indigo inflatable spa consists of a pump, a special rotor and a pipe system along which the water moves. Mspa engineers have perfected the filter system so that it provides a stronger flow rate and at the same time is more economical and has a longer operating period.

 The disinfection of the water in the hot tub is carried out by the combination of two innovative systems - an ozonator and a UV lamp. The ozonator produces ozone, which is lethal to bacteria in the water, and the UV lamp neutralizes all microorganisms and bacteria that pass through it.


• With the powerful 2200 W heater, heating the water up to 40°C, you will be able to relax in the pleasantly warm water in cooler weather

• With the technology for silent operation of the systems, you can relax in the hot tub without being annoyed by the noise of the pump.

• Increase or decrease the force of the air nozzles using the three stages of operation of the air compressor.

• The 8 adjustable hydromassage nozzles provide targeted and energetic hydromassage

• Do you want the water in the hot tub to be preheated when you use it? With the "Timer" function, you can program the heater to heat the water in advance.

• To prevent your children from accidentally pressing any button on the control panel, you can put it in "child protection" mode, in which the buttons are not active.

• With "Plug and Play" technology, you can place the hot tub wherever you want - in the yard, on the porch or in a room. Taking advantage of the self-inflating function, you only need to remove the hot tub from the package, turn it on and press the inflation button. In a few minutes you will have a hot tub ready for use.

• The antibacterial material applied on the inside of the hot tub reduces the reproduction of bacteria by 99%. Enjoy the hydromassage without thinking about anything else!

• Thanks to the anti-freeze system, you can also use the jacuzzi in winter. The system monitors the water temperature in the hot tub and if it falls below 1°C, the heater turns on automatically until it heats the water up to 3°C.

The hot tub is supplied with the following equipment:

  • Installation instructions 
  • Dashboard control panel
  • Inflatable thermal cover
  • Plain cover with belts
  • Insulating pad
  • 2 pcs. cartridge filter with cartridge filter holder
  • Adapter for draining the water
  • Wrench
  • Floating detergent dispenser
  • Repair set

Control system

220 – 240 V/50Hz


2200 W - 3 levels

Compressor for air massage

720 W - 3 levels

Filter pump

1800 liter per hour

External dimensions

2.04 х 0.70 m

Internal dimensions

1.60 х 0,70 m

Water volume

930 l

Hydromassage nozzles


Hydromassage pump

1000 W

Air nozzles



30 - 50 gr/h

UV - disinfection system


Water heating rate

1,5 - 2 degree per hour

Warranty period control panel

24 months

Warranty period inflatable construction

12 months


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