Can I install the spa on a concrete foundation?

Yes, but we strongly recommend using a pad. Also, avoid dragging the hot tub over the cement floor, as it can cause damage, such as holes. The surface on which you are going to place it should be smooth, flat and free of sharp objects.

Does the spa need special maintenance to ensure its durability over time?

Be careful not to damage it with sharp objects. Make sure the place you choose for it is safe. Check the pH level regularly, keep the water clean and disinfected.

To what level should the inflatable spa be filled with water?

There are two markings on the inside of the jacuzzi: minimum and maximum. The water level must be between these two markings.

Please pay special attention to the following instructions:

Be careful when first filling with water. The water should reach the minimum line, but should not exceed the maximum line, otherwise the jacuzzi pump may be damaged. Avoid splashing water outside the jacuzzi, as it may fall into the control panel and derange it.

After filling the jacuzzi with water, check the level of the air pressure inside it, making sure the pointer reaches the green sector. If you need to reinflate the jacuzzi during use, make sure the pointer is in the green sector.

If you plan to be away for a long period during heat, reduce the pressure in the jacuzzi till the pointer reaches the yellow sector of the gauge. Тhis way you will avoid overinflating the jacuzzi.

To what extent should the spa be inflated?

The hot tub should be inflated until it is stable, which is about 85%. If the spa is overinflated, it can be damaged after being filled with water and left in direct sunlight in the summer. Always check the pressure with the gauge, with the pointer in the green section. If you need to reinflate the spa during use, always make sure that the gauge pointer is in the green section.

How often should the water in the jacuzzi be changed?

The frequency of changing water depends on how it is maintained. If the water is filtered properly and good disinfection is maintained, it does not need to be changed throughout the summer season.

The water in the hot tub can be changed less frequently in the following cases:

  • if the spa is covered when not in use;
  • if water tests are done regularly;
  • if the water is filtered for enough time every day;
  • if the cartridge filter is regularly cleaned and replaced when necessary.
Is it safe for pets to play in the hot tub?

No. Dogs, cats and other pets should be kept away from the jacuzzi to avoid the risk of drowning. In addition, there is a risk of damage to some components. (interior walls, inflatable hoop, PRCD device, etc.)

Where is it better to install the hot tub - outdoors or indoors?

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. If outside, the spa can attract unwanted glances. Atmospheric conditions can also be a deterrent, although many people would enjoy immersing themselves in warm, bubbling water while light rain or snow falls outside.

If installed indoors, keep in mind that moisture will increase significantly. Therefore, you need to think about how to properly ventilate the room, otherwise mold and other structural damage can occur. Also, when installing indoors, you should consider the options for filling and draining the spa. The base on which the hot tub will be placed must be strong enough to support a full spa. The advantage of the interior installation is that you are hidden from other people's sight and the spa itself will be protected from the weather outside.

Can I use chlorine and bromine disinfectants at the same time?

No. Mixing the two water treatment products is very dangerous. If you normally use chlorine products and want to switch to bromine or vice versa, first you must drain the spa water and then refill it.

Can I use the hot tub in cold weather and how?

Yes, you can use it in cold weather if you comply with the following instructions:

  • Fill the hot tub with warm water to heat up the control panel first. This will also shorten the water heating time.
  • Empty the spa if it will not be used for a long time and the heater will not be switched on.
  • Do not use the spa outdoors when the air temperature drops below -10 ℃, even with the heater switched on.
How to spot the place where the hot tub will be installed?

The base must be level and stable. If there are sharp objects, they should be removed. It is advisable to put a pad between the spa and the base. Do not put the hot tub in a place that can be flooded.

Why did the massage air blower stop working suddenly?

This is normal because the MSpa hot tub air massage system is designed to stop automatically. This happens if the system has been running for 20 minutes, then stops for 10 minutes. If you want to restart the air massage, press the massage button again.

Why does it happen that when I activate the heater, the jacuzzi filter pump also turns on?

It is normal because the heater cannot be switched on separately from the filter pump. At the same time, while the heater is running, the filter pump cannot be switched off. You need to stop the heater and then you can stop the filter pump.

How can I get better and more efficient water heating in the hot tub?

We strongly recommend that you cover the spa with an inflatable thermal insulation cover that protects the water in the hot tub from cooling.

You can also put a thermal insulation mat on the bottom, between the spa and the base, which also has a thermal insulation function.

How long does it take for the water in the hot tub to warm up?

When the heater is on, the water in the spa is heated by about 1.2 ° C to 2.5 ° C / hour. If the original water temperature is 24 ° C and you want to heat the water to 38 ° C, it will take about 7 - 10 hours.

By how many degrees will the water temperature in the spa drop if it is turned off at night?

As a result of the tests, the water temperature will drop by 1 ° C every 5 hours.

What is the difference between air bubbles and hydromassage?

All MSpa models come with an air bubble system. It's a patented 360-degree air jet system that fills your spa with millions of bubbles, creating a balanced, all-over body massage. In the higher-end series, you can adjust the bubble speed level and enjoy a personalized massage.

Hydromassage nozzles are water jets located in different positions on the inner walls of the jacuzzi. When this feature is turned on, the pump circulates a combination of water and air under high pressure, which then exits through the jets. These jets can be adjusted in two directions and two degrees of pressure. Our MUSE series feature both air bubbles and a hydromassage system to provide an invigorating massage.

How noisy is the hot tub?

Thanks to the quiet operation mode of the built-in control panel, MSpa models are the quietest you can find on the market.

Where is the best place to install the inflatable hot tub?

A suitable surface is smooth, level and solid enough to support the weight of the hot tub, along with the people using it. If you place the MSpa on an uneven surface, more pressure may occur on one side of the hot tub, which may result in structural damage.

You should place the hot tub relatively close to a source of electrical power (approximate cable length is 5.1 m), but also at a safe distance from it so that water cannot splash the outlet.

Placing the hot tub near a fence will reduce exposure to wind. In this way, it will retain heat for longer and reduce your electricity bill. Also, you should consider a place where it is convenient to drain the water.

How to heat the hot tub more efficiently?

To reduce the warm-up time, we recommend using a thermal pad as well as an inflatable cover.

For some series, the thermal pad and/or inflatable cover are not part of the accessories in the set. See product features to check. If the selected model does not have a certain accessory, you can always order it additionally.

Is the hot tub and PRCD unit waterproof?

The MSpa has an IPX5 water resistance rating, which means it can withstand a sustained low-pressure water jet. Therefore, the hot tub can be left outdoors in light rain.

However, do not turn on the air massage function if there is no structure above the hot tub to protect it. This is because rain in the air also gets sucked into the pump, causing the air massage compressor to become wet and rust, which can cause it to malfunction and void your warranty.

Although the PRCD plug also has IPX5 water resistance, it should not be exposed to copious amounts of water.

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