Inflatable spa Mono Concept for 6 person

Product number №: F-MO061

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Unique and revolutionary in the world of inflatable hot tubs, the new MSpa model, Mono Concept, is here. The hot tub is made of very strong material, which gives great rigidity and excellent durability of the construction.

Putting it in the yard, veranda or indoors, you will have a modern design spa that will bring freshness to your property with its revolutionary concept.

From 2021, Mono Concept spa will be delivered with pre-installed water disinfection system with a UV lamp. All bacteria and microorganisms are neutralized when they pass trough a UV lamp. Thanks to the UV-disinfection, the need to use chemicals for water maintenance in the spa is reduced by up to 50 %.

The waterproof control panel allows easy and convenient control of all functions - from heating and air massage to setting timer and filtration.

  • Thanks to the ceramic heater, the water reaches a temperature of 40°C. This way, you can relax in warm water even in cooler weather.
  • The system's quiet mode allows you to relax in the hot tub without the noise of the pump irritating you.
  • Enjoy invigorating air massage thanks to 132 air nozzles.
  • The Mono Concept spa features an ozone generator for water disinfection. Ozone purifies water naturally, reducing the need for disinfectants. The ozone treated water is very clean, odourless and helps to extend the life of the spa technical equipment.
  • Do you want the water in the spa to be preheated when you use it? With the ‘’Timer’’ function you can program the heater to reach the desired temperature in advance.
  • With the ''Plug and Play'' technology you can put the spa wherever you want - in the yard, on the porch or in any room. You do not need a certified electrician to install it on the grid. Just plug in the socket and you can use the spa. Using the self-inflating function, you just have to remove the spa from the package, switch it on and press the inflate button. In a few minutes you will have a hot tub ready for use.
  • The anti-bacterial material applied to the inside of the spa reduces bacterial reproduction by 99%. Enjoy hydromassage without thinking of anything else!
  • To prevent your children from accidentally pressing a button on the control panel, you can turn on the ''child protection mode'', in which the buttons are not active.
  • Thanks to the anti-freeze system, you can use the spa in the winter. The system monitors the temperature of the water in the spa and if it drops below 1°C, the heater unit switches on automatically until the water heats up to 3°C.
  • The ''PTC Heating'' technology gives you a comfortable SPA experience, providing fast water heating.

The spa is delivered with the following equipment:

  • Installation instructions in English
  • Control box
  • Standard cover with belts
  • Inflatable thermal cover
  • High pressure pump, hose, pressure gauge, gasket
  • Thermal insulation pad
  • 2 pcs. cartridge filter with cartridge filter holder
  • Water drain adapter
  • Wrench for nozzles
  • Inflatable valve wrench
  • Repair kit


 Control panel             220 - 240 V/50 Hz           
 Ceramic heater  2200 W
 Water heating rate  1,5°C - 2,0°C/h
 Massage air blower  720 W - 3 levels
 Air jets  132
 Outside dimensions  1,73 x 0,65 m
 Inside dimensions  1,63 x 0,65 m
 Filter pump  1800 l/h, 12V/60W
 Water capacity  930 l
 Ozone generator  5,5 W
 Ozone output  30 - 50 gr/h
 Warranty spa pool liner  12 months
 Warranty control box  24 months
 Warranty inflatable parts  12 months







  4 seats 6 seats
Control panel 220 – 240 V/50Hz 220 – 240 V/50Hz
Ceramic heater 1500 W 1500 W
Water heating rate 1,5°C - 2°C/h 1,2°C - 1.8°C/h
Massage Air Blower 720 W – 3 levels ( 1 – 300W, 2 – 500W, 3 – 720W) 720W - 3 levels
Air jets 118 132
Outside dimensions 1,53 х 0,65 m 1,73 х 0,65 m
Inside dimensions 1,43 х 0,65 m 1,63 х 0,65 m
Filter pump 12V/60W 12V/60W
Water capacity 720 l 930 l
Ozone generator 5,5 W 5,5 W
Ozone output 30 – 50 gr/h 30 - 50 gr/h
Warranty Spa pool liner 12 months 12 monts
Warranty control box 24 months 24 months
Warranty spa rigid wall frames 12 months 12 months
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