Inflatable spa Duet for 6 person

Product number №: F-DU062

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The new inflatable hot tub Duet from Mspa will impress you with its design combining the natural colors of wood and stone.

The hot tub Duet is from Mspa's Frame series and ranks next to the Mono Concept and Naval models, which have already been proven in terms of strength and reliability. The hot tub is suitable for 6 people.

Inflatable, but with rigid and thin walls - this is the distinguishing feature of Duet spa from other inflatable hot tubs. Thanks to the extremely hard DWF material, the Duet hot tub does not deform after inflation and its walls do not bend when sitting on them.

You will be pleasantly surprised once you find out about the amenities that the Duet hot tub offers.

The Smart Filtration turns on automatically every 8 hours, if the spa is in "stand by" mode. Thus, the water in the hot tub is kept clean and ready for use.

The 2200 W heater built into the spa automatically changes its heating power depending on the currently activated system. For example, if only the heater is activated, it will run at full power. If you turn on the air massage and the heater, then it will work at a lower power, but the water in the hot tub will not cool down.

Thanks to the timer installed on the heater, you have the opportunity to heat the water in the spa in advance.

With the Mspa Link App mobile application, you can control the hot tub from anywhere via smartphone.

The moisture-proof control panel allows easy and convenient control of all functions - from heating and air massage to setting the timer and filtering.

  • With the technology for quiet operation of the systems, you can relax in the spai without being annoyed by the noise of the pump.
  • Give yourself an invigorating air massage with the 138 air nozzles that have three degrees of action
  • Hot tub Duet has an ozonation system and UV-disinfection for water disinfection. Ozone purifies water naturally, reducing the need for disinfectants. Ozone-treated water is very clean, odorless and helps extend the life of the hot tub's technical equipment.
  • To prevent your children from accidentally pressing any button on the control panel, you can put it in "childproof" mode, in which the buttons are not active.
  • With "Plug and Play" technology, you can place the hot tub wherever you want - in the yard, on the porch or in a room. No need to call a certified electrician to plug it in. Just insert the plug into the socket and you can use the spa.
  • The antibacterial material applied on the inside of the hot tub reduces the reproduction of bacteria by 99%. Enjoy the massage without thinking about anything else!
  • Thanks to the anti-freeze system, you can also use the hot tub in winter. The system monitors the water temperature in the jacuzzi and if it falls below 1C, the heater turns on automatically until it heats the water to 3°C.
  • The seat cushions built into the bottom and the anti-slip material on the inside of the spa increase comfort when using it

The Jacuzzi is supplied with the following equipment:

  • Installation instructions in Bulgarian
  • Application (Mspa link App) for remote control via smartphone
  • Control box for management
  • Plain cover with belts
  • Inflatable thermal cover
  • High pressure pump, hose, pressure gauge, gasket
  • Thermal insulating pad
  • 2 pcs. cartridge filter with cartridge filter holder
  • Water drain adapter
  • Nozzle wrench
  • Inflator valve wrench
  • Repair set



Control system

220 - 240 V/50Hz


2200 W

Water heating rate

1,5°C - 2,0°C/h

Compressor for air massage

720 W - 3 levels

Air nozzles


External dimensions

1,73 х 0,65 m

Internal dimensions

1,63 х 0,65 m

Water volume

930 l

Filter pump

1800 л/ч, 12V/60W


5,5 W, 30 - 50 gr/h

UV - disinfection system


Warranty period control panel

24 months

Warranty period inflatable construction

12 months

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