Rigid wall hot tub Oslo

Product number №: F-OS063W

4 950.00лв

The Oslo rigid-wall hot tub is an innovation from Mspa in the portable hot tub segment. In terms of its characteristics, the hot tub is not inferior to traditional acrylic hot tubs. It is equipped with hydrotherapy nozzles, UV - a disinfection system, LED - lighting, headrests, a control panel, etc.

The advantage of a hot tub with solid walls Oslo is that you can install it yourself, without the need for a visit from a specialist company. The power cable is 5 m long and equipped with built-in residual current protection. You just have to plug it in and start the hot tub.

With its dimensions of 1.60 x 1.60 m, the hot tub is suitable for use by four adults and two children.

The external walls of the hot tub are made of a special material resembling wooden boards, which gives it an attractive appearance.

In terms of technology, the Oslo hot tub will impress you with its many innovative systems.

Perhaps the most important of them is the hydromassage system because most people prefer water massage when buying a hot tub. Hot tub Oslo has 8 adjustable hydromassage nozzles located in 4 places with 2 nozzles each. The hydromassage pump has a power of 1000 W.

The water jet from the hydro massage system relieves muscle pain and tension throughout the body. In addition to the physical level, the water massage has an extremely beneficial effect on the mental level as well, reducing anxiety and stress and increasing our sense of good mood and relaxation.

As an addition to the water massage, you can include 120 air nozzles that can be adjusted through three levels.

The powerful 2200 W heater is capable of heating water by about 2°C/h. In combination with the inflatable thermal cover included in the set, you can enjoy the hot water even in colder weather.

The heater works on three levels: first level with a power of 700 W when the heater, hydromassage, and air massage are on; second stage with a power of 1500 W when the heater and air massage are turned on; third stage with a power of 2200 W with the heater on.

The built-in Ozonator and UV system take care of water disinfection. Both systems are complementary, with the ozonizer producing ozone, which is a powerful disinfectant, and the UV system neutralizing all bacteria and microorganisms.

All systems of the hot tub are managed by an external control panel, through a modern OLED display.

In order to be able to control the hot tub from a distance, you have the Mspa Link App at your disposal, which can control all the functions of the hot tub via a smartphone.

To make it look attractive even after sunset, a luminous LED strip is installed in the lower part of the jacuzzi.

The hot tub is supplied with the following equipment:

  • Installation instructions
  • Mspa Link App for remote control via smartphone
  • LED - light strip with remoter
  • Dashboard control panel
  • Inflatable thermal cover
  • Plain cover with belts
  • Insulating pad
  • 2 pcs. cartridge filter with cartridge filter holder
  • Adapter for draining the water
  • Wrench
  • Floating detergent dispenser
  • Repair set

Control system

220 – 240 V/50Hz


2200 W - 3 levels

Compressor for air massage

720 W - 3 leves

Filter pump

1800 liter per hour


1.60 х 1.60 x 0.65 m

Water volume

850 l

Hydromassage nozzles


Hydromassage pump

1100 W

Air nozzles



30 - 50 gr/h

UV - disinfection system


Water heating rate

1,6 - 2,2 °C/h

Warranty period control panel

24 months

Warranty period  construction

24 months


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