Keeping the spa water in good condition is a key step in ensuring that the water stays clean, disinfected and ready to use. Before you rest and relax in the spa, you need to eliminate the risk of bacteria growth and the appearance of dirty water.

If you face difficulties in maintaining the water in your hot tub, read our tips below. We will explain how to restore the water balance and create a clean and healthy environment to enjoy.


Why does the hot tub water turn green?

Green water in the hot tub can be caused by the presence of algae, which is usually a sign of insufficient use of disinfectants (chlorine or bromine).

Minerals such as iron, copper and manganese can also make water change. These minerals can occur due to the deposition of elements from copper pipes, corrosion of equipment or even presence of minerals in the water composition.

Tanning products are also a big problem! The products in the hot tub will remove the tan from your skin and will turn the foil, pipes and internal systems brown or green.


How to deal with green hot tub water?

If the water has turned green in the last 24 hours, then you may be able to clarify it more easily. Use 60 g of disinfectant (chlorine or bromine) per 1,500l of water. Remove the spa cover for at least 20 minutes and turn the massage function on. Then turn it off and do not use the hot tub. You will see that the water in the spa begins to clear within 12 hours. Once the water is clear and the disinfectant has reached a safe level, you can use the hot tub again.

If the green colour of the water remains for more than 24 hours or the above method has not worked, then the best way to deal with the situation is to drain the water, clean the hot tub thoroughly, and then fill it with fresh water. Make sure that the filter cartridge is cleaned and wipe down the inner walls so that the remaining algae is removed.

Don’t forget to add disinfectant and balance the pH level after the water has warmed up. The right balance of parameters is crucial, so make sure you do not overdo the chemicals, as too much chlorine can damage the hot tub and irritate your skin.


Why does the water in the hot tub get cloudy?

The main reason for this problem is that the water in the hot tub is old and needs to be refreshed. Even if you add chemicals, the water should be drained and replaced with fresh water at least every 3-4 months.

If this is not the case, there are a few more factors to consider:

  • Disinfectant levels

If chlorine or active oxygen levels are low, this can lead to insufficient disinfection, which will make the water cloudy.

  • pH levels

Check the pH level to see if it is off-balance. If the water becomes more alkaline, scale may accumulate, contributing to the cloudiness of the water.

  • Cartridge filter

Filters are an important factor in maintaining a safe environment in the hot tub. When the cartridge filter has not been cleaned or replaced for some time, it may become clogged, unable to filter the water, leaving it dirty and cloudy.

  • External substances

Most cases of cloudy water are actually caused by what you unconsciously bring into the spa. It can be deodorant, moisturizer, even hair conditioner or dirt and sand from your feet. Another reason is the washing powder left on the swimsuit. The best way to prevent this problem is to be careful how you wash your swimsuit, as well as to be aware of what you bring in the hot tub with you.


How to treat cloudy water?

The first step in dealing with cloudy water is to test its chemical levels to make sure they are normal. Balancing the water is easy when using test strips or a pool tester for hot tub. Shocking with chlorine will kill all bacteria. Make sure the filter is thoroughly cleaned or replaced.

Prevention is always the best solution - first prevent the cause of cloudy water. However, if all this does not work, you need to drain and clean the spa before refilling it and start using it again.


What causes the foam in the hot tub?

The cause of foaming is usually due to contamination of the water with detergents and cosmetics.

If foam appears in your hot tub, it can be caused by:

  • Hair products

Your hair always contains the remnants of shampoo, conditioner, gel, hairspray, mousse and other hair styling products. They are transferred into the spa when your hair gets into contact with water.

  • Deodorants, body creams and perfumes

Cosmetics you use daily (such as makeup, face and body creams) can cause foam in the hot tub.

  • Washing powder

One of the most common mistakes people make is washing their swimsuits in the washing machine. Even if you do not put detergent in the washing machine, the remnants of powder can be transferred to your swimsuit.

  • Cheap chemicals and excessive use of detergents

Cheap hot tub chemicals are often full of substances that dilute their chemical effectiveness and often cause foaming of the water.

  • Consumption of beverages while in the water

Most owners enjoy a drink at some point while in their hot tub, but it is extremely important to be careful with them, as spilling them into the water can cause foaming.

  • High percentage of dissolved solids

The total percentage of dissolved solids is made up of minerals, salts and metals that dissolve in water. When this level becomes too high, the chemical balance will become extremely difficult to regulate, which can lead to foaming.


How to get rid of the foam in the hot tub?

The first step is to check whether the water parameters are well balanced. You need to measure the chlorine / bromine level as well as the pH level.


How to prevent the appearance of foam in the hot tub?

The easiest solution is to take a shower before entering the spa. This will help wash away cosmetics, perfumes and tanning products.

If you have long hair, we advise you to wear it up to prevent hair falling into the water. Rinse your swimsuit additionally in warm water to make sure there is no soap trapped in the fibres.

Using standard chemicals to restore water balance can solve the problem. Furthermore, you can try an anti-foam product that attaches to contaminants in the water and immerses them to the bottom so that they can reach the filter.

If the problem is with the percentage of dissolved solids, the only solution is to change the water in the hot tub. This should be done every 3-4 months. You can also help with this by cleaning your filter weekly and changing it according to the instructions for use.

Prevent drink spill in the water by using the cup holder that we offer as an accessory for your hot tub.

Before buying a product, always check its chemical composition. Trust only in specialized shops for hot tubs and swimming pools.

Put on the cover when the spa is not in use and make sure you are up to date with proper water maintenance. In that way your hot tub will always be ready for a relaxing experience!



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