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By using, you are deemed to accept and agree to the General Terms and Conditions described below. In the event that you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not visit this website or use it for purchases.

These general conditions regulate the terms and conditions of use, as well as the conditions for online trading through the website, for short called the "website", owned by the company BG Handel OOD and any natural or legal person visiting or using the website for placing orders for the purchase of goods, referred to as "User" for short.






The website provides the user with information about products and the opportunity to purchase the goods offered in the online store after registration by submitting a request and paying the relevant sales price, subject to strict compliance by the user with these General Terms and Conditions, all generally accepted commercial practices in the country as and the additional specified relevant requirements for the specific goods. The online store provides basic information about the offered products, which contains a description of the main characteristics and an image of each product, the selling price, including VAT, and information on the methods of payment, delivery, and performance of the contract.

The goods published for sale on the website are ORIGINAL, with proven origin, and with resale rights assigned to BG Handel OOD by the manufacturers. The website is not responsible if the information provided by the manufacturer about the characteristics of the goods is incorrect. The rights to use the trademark belong to the respective manufacturer.





The user can make online purchases only after registration. When filling out the registration form, the user is obliged to provide complete and correct data regarding his identity and other data required by the form, as well as to update them with each subsequent purchase. The user guarantees that the data he provides during the registration process is correct and complete.

  In the event of a dispute as to which person is bound by these General Terms and Conditions, the person who paid the price of the goods requested for purchase shall be considered a party to the sales contract.






The user has the opportunity to make a purchase of the goods offered by the website after registering and entering his profile. Ordering a certain product is done by pressing the "BUY" button in the offer of the desired product. This action constitutes a declaration of intent that expressly binds the consumer and the seller by force of the contract.

If an incomplete, incorrect or wrong address or telephone number is specified by the user when submitting the request, it is considered invalid and there is no obligation to fulfill it on the part of the website.





All prices on the website are indicated in Bulgarian levs, including VAT, for one item.



When choosing payment of the price on delivery (cash on delivery), the user pays the amount due to the respective courier.



Delivery and delivery methods:




The delivery of all inflatable jacuzzi models is free for the entire territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The delivery of accessories and preparations is paid.




1) Delivery time is within 1 business day for in-stock products.




2) When choosing "delivery with cash on delivery", the customer is obliged to pay the goods upon receipt of the goods by the courier.




The goods are delivered packed according to their type and transport for delivery. The seller makes efforts to send the goods as quickly as possible.


The Seller has the right to deliver the goods to the delivery address of the user or to a third party who accepts and confirms its receipt on behalf of the Customer and signs the accompanying documents.

If the consumer does not provide conditions for the delivery of the goods or is not found at the address indicated by him within the above-mentioned period, the seller is released from his obligation to deliver the requested goods.

Complaint and return of goods:


The user has the right to refuse the requested goods if:


1. The product obviously does not correspond to the one requested for purchase by the user and this can be established by its simple examination;

2. The product or its packaging was damaged during transportation. In this case, the user must contact the courier, who is obliged to draw up a report on damage to the shipment.

3. The price does not correspond to the price due.

All requests for complaints are accepted within 5 working days after receiving the goods. To proceed with a complaint, the user is obliged to notify


Cancellation of order:


The user has the right to refuse (cancel) the submitted order request within 1 working day from the date of its submission, by notifying the operator of this action at the e-mail address


  The user has the right, without owing compensation or penalty, to withdraw from the concluded contract within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods.

If the consumer refuses within the specified period, he must notify the seller and return the goods in their original packaging, with the original labels, without indications that the goods have been used, without being damaged or treated in any way and in all other conditions under Article 55 of the Consumer Protection Act. The costs of returning the goods are borne by the buyer!

After receiving the returned goods and inspecting them, the seller will refund to the user the price paid by him/them without return shipping costs to no later than 30 days from the date on which the user exercised his right of withdrawal from the concluded contract.

  After receiving and paying for the goods, the customer can make a complaint or request its return and refund of the price paid by him in the following cases and terms:

  - if damage occurred during its operation, provided as warranty damage;

  - in the cases provided for in Art. 69, para. 3 of the PPE.


Rights and obligations of the parties:


The seller is obliged to deliver the requested goods on time in their undamaged integrity and to transfer the ownership of the goods. The goods published for sale on the website are ORIGINAL, with proven origin and with resale rights assigned to BG Handel OOD by the manufacturers. The seller is not responsible for untruthfulness of the information specified by the manufacturer about the characteristics of the goods. Trade names and brands are used to better describe the offered goods. The rights to use the trademark belong to the respective manufacturer.

The user is obliged to take all necessary care in order to protect his password, not to provide his username and password to anyone, and in the event of unauthorized access to his account or in the event of the possibility of such access, to immediately notify web the site. In view of the security of the username and password, when leaving the online store, always press the "Exit" button. Also, not to submit fictitious or invalid requests, to specify an exact delivery address, e-mail address for correspondence and contact phone number, and to pay the price of the requested goods if a valid order is made.

The user is also obliged not to interfere with the proper operation of the store's online system, not to take actions that lead to the blocking and denial of website services, and also not to thwart the identification of other users of the store or the right them to use the store.

If the user of the online store does not comply with the above obligations, the website has the right, without prior warning, to terminate his access to the user profile, and also to file a claim for lost profits and damages, as a result of the wrongful actions of the user.




All texts, images, photos, and articles published on this site are copyrighted and are protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act and the subsidiary applicable Bulgarian and foreign legislation. Their use, without the express consent of the author, is contrary to Bulgarian legislation.


Changes to the General Terms and Conditions:



These general conditions may be changed unilaterally by the website. The amended general terms and conditions will be accessible via the reference (link) placed in a prominent place on the site. The changes in the General Terms and Conditions do not affect the relationship between the user and the website, which arose in connection with a request for the purchase of goods validly submitted before the changes to the General Terms and Conditions.

These general conditions of use are in accordance with the Bulgarian Commercial Law, the Law on the Protection of Consumers, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. The current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to issues not covered by these General Terms and Conditions.


"BG Handel" Ltd. is not responsible:

1). Towards the customer in case of lack of stock availability of the offered goods or other impossibility to deliver the offered goods to the customer immediately or within the agreed time.



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