Portable and inflatable spa from MSpa

Inflatable hot tubs from MSpa - one of the most famous brands with more than 25 years of experience in the production of inflatable and portable spas. Inflatable hot tubs give you the opportunity to enjoy a real spa experience - a pleasure at very affordable price.

In order not to worry about the hygiene of the water in the spa, all of the models have a system for disinfection by ultraviolet rays, and some of them have a combination of UV - disinfection and ozonator.

On the website you will find hot tubs, which offer not only air - but also hydromassage. The hydromassage is more intense and directly affects certain parts of the body.

New products

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Hot tub Concept Mono for 6 persons
Ref: C-MO069 Mono
Price from 2 150.00лв
Inflatable spa Carlton Plus for 6 people
Ref: M-CA061 Plus
2 990.00лв
Inflatable spa Carlton for 6 people
Ref: M-CA061
1 990.00лв
Filter cartridge plus set
Ref: B0305500
Ref: B0301383

How to use hot tub chemicals? How to use hot tub chemicals?
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